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 Are you Tuned In To The Right Frequency?

The universe is made up of energy, and the language of energy is waves and frequencies. Scientists have detected that at every dimension of life, including the human body, subtle energy layers are vibrating beneath the visible world of matter.

Yoga describes six energy layers: the physical, electrical, mental, emotional, intuitive and soul layers. The sixth layer is the same as the creative God force within. Science today can detect the vibrations of the first four layers.

The brain is merely the medium in which thought waves vibrate. The mind where thoughts originate is an energy field.

There are three minds: the intuitive mind in touch with all universal information, the rational mind that analyses and categorises, and the subconscious mind. Psychologists say that more than 80 per cent of our behaviour is controlled by the subconscious. This is the storehouse of all human memories, emotions, and core beliefs.

The subconscious is also an internal thermostat that controls our success level. For example, if your subconscious does not believe that you can lose weight, no diet in the world can help you.

Conversely you can facilitate success through auto-suggestion, sending repeated affirmations or positive statements to the mind, visualising daily and in complete detail the end result that you wish to achieve.

Emotions are defined as energy in motion. Emotions arise from thoughts; so if you do not like the way you are feeling, simply change your thoughts. Also, each emotion vibrates at a different frequency.

Love exhibits the highest vibrational frequency while the emotions of shame and guilt vibrate at very slow levels. Joyous people are the ones who are vibrating highly with emotions of love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Patanjali said that our subtle thoughts influence the forces of creation. Recently, particle physicists like Einstein and Bohr proved that the perception and thoughts of the scientist repeatedly influence the dance of the electron and the outcome of the experiment.

What this means is that our predominant thoughts not only programme our subconscious behaviour, but that our repeated and focused thoughts manifest into physical reality by influencing the fundamental building block of all creation, the atom. We can all co-create with God.

The times when we feel most out of touch with God and out of control are when we are vibrating at such low frequencies that we cannot influence the dance of the atom.

Think of yourself as a radio set; if The God Station is speaking to you at frequencies that you are not tuned into, you may think, God, why have you forsaken me? Recent experiments in higher consciousness show that people begin to have holy experiences and visions while vibrating at above 200,000 cycles per second.

The non-meditator vibrates at about 350 cycles per second. To raise your vibrational frequency and tune into The God Force, you can begin with: Daily prayer, silent meditation, choosing love over fear at every junction of life and intentionally replacing negative thoughts with uplifting ones.

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