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 Food and your metabolism

By knowing your constitution, you can understand which food affects you positively or negatively and in what quantity it should be taken. Here is a brief description of the six primary combinations of food in Ayurveda and their effect on a person's metabolism.


This increases tissue development, increases body fluids, blood, muscle, fat, bone and supports immunity. It gives emotional satisfaction and pleasure, vigour and strength. Taken in excess, it causes obesity, accumulation of toxins, parasites, diabetes, obstructions in the body's channels (atherosclerosis), gas, indigestion, dyspnea, cough, cold, vomiting, loss of appetite, and lethargy.

Sour (acidic)

This stimulates digestion and builds body tissues like the neutral taste except that it has little action on growth and none on reproduction. Overuse causes acidity, premature aging and lightheadedness.


This promotes digestion, lessens accumulation of toxins and tissues, increases saliva in the mouth, and has a mild laxative effect. Overuse causes inflammation, skin diseases, impotence, and looseness of the body.

Pungent (spicy)

This is the strongest stimulant aiding digestion and activating metabolism. Overuse causes pain, emaciation, burning sensations, fever, thirst, skin diseases and diminishing of reproductive fluids.


This taste is the best blood purifier and cleaner of toxins in the body. Overuse causes coldness in the body, nervous disorders, stiffness, colic pain, headaches and reduction of reproductive fluids.


It constricts tissues and channels in the body, which help to maintain muscle tissue and tone. Overuse causes dryness of the body, constipation, cramps, emaciation, thirst, nervous disorders and decreased reproductive fluids.


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