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 Fasting cures disease

Fasting is a powerful tool used since ancient times to cure disease.

Fasting is common, but not many realise that fasting is also a powerful tool to cure disease. By fasting, we provide space in our alimentary canal. Space is the uppermost element in the five basic elements in the body --space, air, fire, water, earth. The upper elements purify the lower elements; space is, thus, the purifier of all lower four elements. Heat, sound, light, water, air, gases and solid particles travel through space. When you stop stuffing the body with food, opting to fast, the intestines get space to work on the old, undigested food in the intestines and the stomach. Space is now available for the stomachís juices to act on the leftovers, digest it, and excrete the waste. As we fast, muscles of the empty intestines relax and blood moves to organs that need repair, detoxification and rejuvenation. CO2 and toxic wastes are transported to the excretory system for elimination.


The body has a natural ability to heal. This vital power of the body usually busy in digestion and absorption of food is free to heal sick organs when we fast. When we give our digestive system a rest, the lungs are not required to remove extra C02 obtained by burning carbohydrates and starch in food. Instead, they relax and relief from respiratory diseases is obtained. Proteins donít need digestion either and the renal system is free to remove excess urea, creatinine and uric acid from the blood. This reduces pain and swelling in joints and muscles, giving relief in arthritis. Calorie-rich fats are not consumed, and the body burns its own stored fats for energy, causing weight loss. However, drink sufficient water to fill the space element of all internal organs, otherwise they might shrink and could even cause complete collapse. Water dissolves all released toxins and flushes them out of the body. In chronic diseases, a fast requires supervision and should be done in natural environs, away from a city, and with complete physical and mental rest. Fasting is not recommended for weak people, and for TB patients. Diabetics and cancer patients need special supervision. Water or juice or clear soup must always be taken in a fast. Fast either once a week, a fortnight or once a month.