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COLD SOOTHE TEA -  When excessive phlegm forms it causes congestion in the upper respiratory tract, making you feel breathless. Your body tries to expel excessive phlegm through coughing. This can be very distressing.

Benefits of Goodcare Cold Soothe tea :-

  • A nasal & Chest decongestant

  • Soothes sore throats

  • Stimulates immunity

  • Helps combat inflammation of respiratory tract

  • Effective in reducing fever that often accompanies cold

  • If inhaled it helps relieve nasal & chest congestion

  • Traditional, natural formulation with Elaichi, Sonth, Tejpata....

Goodcare Cold Soothe Tea is made from selected herbs like 

Bari Elaichi   

Large Cardamom commonly used for respiratory disorders. Helps relieve bronchitis and upper respiratory infections.


Chaste Tree used to relieve headaches and sinusitis. Also used to reduce inflammations.


Dry Ginger chiefly used as an effective remedy for common cold. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Black peeper used commonly as gargle for sore throat. Beneficial in fever. 


Folia malabathye commonly used as a remedy for cough, common cold and sore throat.


Basil used to combat cough, cold & sinusitis. Synergistic effect obtained when used along with ginger and black pepper.

Cold soothe tea
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