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 Breathe out your stress

Negative emotions are powerful, difficult to control and cloud the way one views their life. With all the news of global concerns, plus the demands of career and family, it is no wonder people sometimes feel stressed and pessimistic. Breathing Out to the Ocean reduces stress fast.

The Inner Renewal Meditation takes about five minutes. Practice this daily

  • Start by sitting on a chair with your spine erect and your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes.

  • Imagine you are in front of an ocean. What is important is your intention. Breathe slowly and relax. During exhalation, have the intention to breathe out your negativities and discomforts.

  • Inhale deeply, then breathe out to the ocean any discomfort, tension or pain in your body. Do it many times. Let the ocean absorb the discomforts and impurities.

  • Inhale deeply, then breathe out to the ocean stress or emotional pain and discomfort. (1 minute).

  • Inhale deeply, then breathe out the following to the ocean. Each time, let the ocean absorb them:

    • Negative emotions

    • Depression, boredom or frustrations

    • Fears, guilt and worries

    • Resentment and anxiety

  • Inhale deeply and breathe out to the ocean harmful thoughts against anyone or any being. Let the ocean absorb them (30 seconds).

  • Inhale deeply, and then breathe out any mental limitations and blockages. Let the ocean absorb them (30 seconds).

  • Inhale deeply, then breathe out any tendencies of excessive criticism, control and manipulation of others. Let the ocean absorb all the negative tendencies (30 seconds)

  • Inhale deeply, then breathe out anything that limits your freedom or obstructs your inner development. Let the ocean absorb any obstacles (30 seconds).

  • Relax and enjoy your new emotional and mental well-being.

Practicing the Inner Renewal Meditation is a great way to gain a more positive perspective in just a few minutes whether at work or home. In fact, when family members also practice the Inner Renewal Meditation, students find it easier to concentrate for exams, couples enjoy a more harmonious relationship and family tensions subside.

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