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Sore throat

Sore throat refers to the inflammation of the pharynx or back of the throat .It occurs frequently when a person has a cold or an attack of influenza. This inflammation may also involve the tonsils and adenoids.


In the case of an acute sore throat the patient complains of pain, irritation, and inflammation in the throat, followed by chillis, fever, and some hoarseness or laryngitis. The lymph gland along the side of the neck may become swollen and tender. The back of the throat may become very red and even covered with a grayish white membrane .the patient may find difficulty in swallowing, especially during the acute stage. There may also be some postnatal discharge if the inflammation has spread to the nasal passage.

The main causes of a sore throat are common cold and influenza. Other causes include sinisistis, measles, diphtheria and even leukemia in rare cases.

Healing Options


  • Mango Bark

  • Cinnamon

  • Henna

  • Holy basil

  • Kantakari

  • Tamarind

Ayurvedic Supplements

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  • A person suffering from sore throat should fast on orange juice and water for three to five days, depending on the condition.

  • When the severe symptoms subside, the patient may adopt an all fruit diet for three or four further days. Thereafter he may adopt a well balanced diet, with emphasis on seeds, nut, grains, raw vegetable and fresh fruits.


  • During the initial juice and water fast the bowels should be cleansed daily with warm water enema. This should be done twice daily in more serious cases. A wet pack should be applied to the throat at two hourly intervals during the day and one at night. Gargles may be done several times a day.


Special Note: 

The patient should gargle every day with warm salty water.

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