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Premature Baldness (Khalitya)

Baldness refers to a loss of hair, usually on the head.


Baldness may be due to certain serious diseases like acute fevers, myxodema (a syndrome cause by hypothyroidism), syphilis, influenza, anaemia, and great anxiety or nervous shock. If premature baldness is hereditary then not much can be done except delaying the falling of the hair for some years through proper medication. Sometimes eczema, psoriasis of the scalp leads to rapid baldness.

Root Causes

The administration of drugs indicated for premature graying of hair should help in the cases of baldness also, but recourse to medication has to be taken in the earlier stage. If all the hair has fallen out and the follicles have closed, nothing much can be done.

Healing Options

Ayurvedic Supplements
/ Massage Oil

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  • These therapies will be effective only when the patient observes diet restrictions. As far as possible, he should take only milk and sugar. Salt should be avoided. Sour things like yogurt are not useful. Pungent, hot and spicy food should be avoided.

Life Style If the baldness is due to any of the serious diseases mentioned above
  • medication should start the moment the falling of the hair is noticed. 
  • A natural remedy is Mahabhringraj Oil. It should be massaged on the scalp with fingers and left on the scalp for at least 1 hour before taking bath.

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