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5 Ways to manage STRESS

Being totally well is also being healthy in every aspect of our life. We may have a delicious meal every day, an exercise activity to perform and an active social life. But we must not forget that there are still many things that could make us unhealthy. One of the problems usually encountered by people is stress. Stress could also be detrimental to one's health. Once a person feels stressed, the physical and emotional aspects of life is totally affected, if not manage properly. This is why; more seminars and workshops are now open to teach people how to properly manage stress.
A good burst of stress can be good for you, it jolts your body into a repair mode and can even help you relieve stress, but when your stress is chronic and unmanageable, it could make you unhealthy and may affect many aspects of your life.

Techniques to manage stress and reduce the tension in your life:

1. Stop and relax - when you feel so stressed with your work, family, boyfriend/girlfriend and other issues in your life, stop what you are doing, relax yourself, and let go of all your thoughts. Try to meditate for 10-15 minutes, think of how God work wonders in your life for the past years, how you survive previous problems and how lucky you are compared to other people.
2. Enjoy other things - stress can cause too much tension in your body, now try to be calm, breathe in, and breathe out. Enjoy other things around you, take time to look outside and appreciate a beautiful view. Keep your mind focused on something away from things that gives you stress.
3. Listen to music - each person must have a favorite song, whatever it is as long as it keeps you relaxed and happy. When the going gets rough, it is helpful to listen to some inspirational song and visualize something comforting like places you want to visit; this will make your heart beat normal again.
4. Share and spread the love - try to call or see your friends and have an interesting and enjoyable talk. Social interactions could help you forget worries for a while and gives you time to relax which could make you think clearly of new solutions to situations later on. Hug a family member and draw strength from them. Cuddle your pets if you have, studies show that the sweetness of pets could also help people relieve stress.
5. Take an attitude break - you can break the negativity, think positive, start with changing negative feelings to positive ones, think of the people who love and cares about you. Try to focus on other people, maybe inspiring the life of someone, a co-worker, a janitor or maybe a gardener. It is a great pleasure and achievement when we can inspire other people who are also going through tough times in their lives.

We are not the only person who experienced stress. Everybody has frustrations and stresses in their lives. We just have to know how to manage, relieve and reduce stress to help ourselves fight and get over with the stresses we are going through and stay healthy, active, happy and totally well.